Bob’s Red Mill United States of Cookies: Lemon Blueberry Cream Cookies (ME)

Maine’s cookie is a crispy lemon cookie sandwiching a sweet, blueberry studded frosting.

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I LOVE BLUEBERRIES. My grandmother and mother used to take me and my sister picking wild ones every year. Just like everywhere in Vermont pushes maple everything, every tourist stop in Maine has everything blueberry you can think of. I take full advantage, including sipping blueberry soda and buying blueberry fudge. Go to any shop in Bar Harbor and you’d swear their entire economy runs on lobster, blueberries, and watermelon tourmaline.

I’m honestly shocked that Maine’s cookie isn’t a blueberry whoopie pie (Massachusetts looks to have a Boston Cream whoopie pie as their cookie, otherwise I’m not sure where whoopie pies fall taxonomically).

My husband doesn’t like blueberries. His loss. I told him I’d leave a few of the lemon cookies unfrosted for him.

I planned on making this cookie last week, but my previously mentioned glut of apples led instead to a pair of apple pies (one went to work with my husband). But I had to get this recipe done, because my lemon was seriously ailing.

No lie, though, I’ve used lemons sadder than this.

The recipe needed an entire lemon worth of zest but only a bare squeezing (1 tsp) of juice. What to do with the rest?

Into the dehydrator!

King Arthur Flour makes a lemon juice powder, and the dehydrator manual said you could powder dried lemon slices for a lemon powder. In the future I’ll just use the peels; even after a whole day, the pulp areas were sticky enough to clump up in the grinder.

These are technically cutout cookies, but I’m feeling lazy today, so…

Scoop and flatten

I saw a review of these saying the baker scooped and used the bottom of a glass to flatten them.

Looks like a ravioli. Maybe a flat glass.
Good ol’ Enterprise glass!

I dipped the glass in flour between each press, and tapped off the excess.

Beautiful cookies! I baked them 14 minutes. They’re crispy yet chewy, with a bright lemon flavor.

Now on to the frosting. This stuff is Oreo frosting thick. I once worked for someone briefly who made frosting this thick to prevent it melting when her customers picked up their cakes on a hot summer day (and apparently didn’t have a car with air conditioning), instead of making an Italian meringue frosting for stability. Impossible to work with. The frosting, I mean, but her too, as it turned out. 😅

These blueberries are going to get pulverized.

I used frozen blueberries… That I froze after picking them on a farm. So they’re bigger than the freezer section wild blueberries, and less juice to stain everything blue.

I got lazy again and used an offset spatula to frost.

… However, there’s a big gap on the edge when I frost that way. Let’s try piping.

Did I mention I felt lazy?

I reinforced a quart ziplock with tape on one corner and snipped it. I later had to snip it bigger to let a blueberry escape. Another disadvantage of large blueberries.

Now it seems like piping puts TOO much frosting on there.

Perhaps a combo of the two: spread the frosting, assemble the cookies, fill the gap by piping. Gives it a nice, finished look too.

Overall Impressions

These cookies are delicious, but way overpowered by the sweetness of the frosting. And while the lemon shines, I can’t really taste the blueberries. Maybe if I used the wild blueberries the flavor would be more intense. Is there such thing as blueberry flavoring (I’ve never found it)? While eating one, I ate the blueberries I photographed it with, and that tasted much better.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Put blueberries in the cookies.
  • Puree the blueberries and blend the puree into the frosting.
  • Blueberry puree and whole blueberries in the frosting.
  • Add some lovely Blueberry Preserves (Trappist Preserves makes some, I get it at my supermarket in the regular jam/jelly section) to the frosting.
  • Cream cheese frosting (doesn’t increase blueberry flavor but it would cut the sweetness some)

These are BIG cookies. I ended up cutting them in half to send them in with my husband. If you’d rather have an Oreo-sized sandwich cookie, try a teaspoon scoop instead of a tablespoon scoop like I did (and decrease the baking time).

Next Time

Maryland Berger Cookies. I’ve never had a legitimate one so I can’t compare it.

All photos by Amber Sutton

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