Bob’s Red Mill’s United States of Cookies: Apple Pie Stuffed Snickerdoodles (NY)

New York’s cookie is a snickerdoodle stuffed with an apple pie filling.

Recipe source

Another snickerdoodle variation! This time stuffed with apples. Last time I did a stuffed apple cookie it was stuffed with caramel, flavored with apple cider packets, and way too sweet. I have higher hopes for these.

Filling family portrait. I chose Grannies for their tartness. I’m glad I bought one more than I needed because my son and I devoured it.

I made the apples small dice, or thereabouts, but my knifework has never been too precise. You could probably mince them smaller but beware of them turning into applesauce.

It’s a little hard to tell because the strands melt as soon as I stop stirring, but the syrup part will get sticky like when you’re stirring melted marshmallow. That’s a good time to stop, even if the apples aren’t exactly tender yet. They’ll bake more inside the cookie anyway.

Snickerdoodle family portrait

The butter and shortening together was a little curdled looking.
When the sugars were beaten in, the mixture closely resembled buttercream.

“Large ice cream scoop” the recipe said. The one above is probably a regular size, the bottom is the jumbo size, pretty much the biggest I have. I decided to try the jumbo first, because I planned to use the teaspoon scoop to make the hollow and scoop the filling.

After adding an additional lump of dough to close it up, as the recipe suggested.

Then I tried my second strategy, which is how I recall making the stuffed cider cookies: two scoops of the same size, flattened, with the filling sandwiched between, then shaped into a ball.

Side by side size comparison. The second method yields a slightly smaller ball.

These guys are gonna leak like crazy…
Look how huge these are.

When the first batch was baking (18 min, 2 extra minutes than the recipe estimate) I chilled the dough. I don’t know why we’re not instructed to chill the dough at least a little to make it easier to work with.

I developed a third method, based on the pinch pots most of us made at some point in our childhoods:

Make a hollow

Add filling
Fold sides over, round.

Happily, the cookies did not leak after all, at least not in a way that was very messy or destructive.

Overall impressions

The cookie is soft, slight crispness from the sugar coating. I am definitely glad I used a tart apple for the filling, because with the sweetness of the cookie and the syrup of the filling, the apple still doesn’t come across as tart. I like it, it’s pretty much what it says: a cross between a cookie and a hand pie (and in size closer to the pie). A hand pie would likely have more filling because you can roll pastry dough thinner. I wish these had more filling.

Tips and suggestions

I wonder if one could chill the dough, roll it, cut circles and wrap them around the filling. That may be too complicated. The pinch pot method worked quite well. I felt like I was making dumplings. I would make the cookie dough first and chill it while making the filling.

As for making them smaller, I’m not sure how to without seriously skimping on the filling. Suggestions? Comment below.

All photos by Amber Sutton

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