Bob’s Red Mill’s United States of Cookies: Butter Brickle Cookies (NE)

Nebraska’s cookie is a simple drop cookie filled with toffee bits that melt into a deliciously sticky and chewy mouthful of creme-brulee like flavor.

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I made my Nana a batch of these for Christmas. She, like me, has a wicked sweet tooth and loves English toffee (also she is English). I have made her some in years past from recipes we used in class. It may be too much for those who prefer a subtler sweet, but for us sugar addicts it’s absolute crack: sweet, toasty, buttery, crunchy to the tooth and yet melts in your mouth.

These cookies use that entire bag of brickle, no lie.

I probably mentioned this previously, but when they tell me to sift the dry ingredients, I just nest my sieve into the mixing bowl and measure the ingredients right in. This recipe, like all of the recipes in this series, uses volume measurements, but even with weighing it works as long as you tare the weight of the sieve and bowl together.

The problem with my under cabinet lighting is I need to be more aware of how things get backlit and end up too dark to see properly because my camera reads the light and doesn’t compensate.

This recipe calls for the teaspoon scoop. The cookies spread pretty flat, and they’re so sweet that the tablespoon scoop would probably have been way too much.

They come out slightly puffed, with those nice cracks…
… and as they cool, they flatten out.

So what happened was kind of interesting: I expected crunchy brickle bits throughout, like chocolate chips, but what they did was melt and form almost a layer of caramel inside like a stroopwafel (which I sadly still have never tried but sound AMAZING). The cracks have a nice shine, and while the cookies were a little crunchy at first, now they are definitely chewy. It makes me wonder how they would be if warmed over a cup of tea like a stroopwafel. I’ll have to give it a try.

Overall Impressions

A+. I kept more than usual this time so you can tell I’m into them. My husband is the one who made the creme brulee comparison, probably thinking fondly of the former Ben and Jerry’s flavor we miss so dearly. As sweet and chewy and delicious they are, I only need one to be satisfied. Bring your sweet tooth.

Tips and Suggestions

Definitely stick with a teaspoon scoop instead of a tablespoon as these are spreaders.

Next Time

Monster Cookies for Nevada, a loaded peanut butter oatmeal cookie.

All photos by Amber Sutton

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