Bob’s Red Mill’s United States of Cookies: Buttery Walnut Potato Chip Cookies (ID)

Idaho’s cookie is sweet and savory shortbread with walnuts, chocolate chips, and potato chips.

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I love sweet and savory together: sweet BBQ sauce, pork with fruit, sultanas in a curry, and my favorite candy is dark-chocolate-covered pretzels.

But I’ve never liked chocolate-covered potato chips. Maybe it’s because the chips tend to feel stale, maybe because the bread like taste of pretzels goes better with chocolate than salty potato. I’ve enjoyed French fries with a chocolate shake (I noticed as a kid that a bite of one after a sip of the other tasted a little like cake). A friend of mine made some caramel potato chip cupcakes once and those were good.

So I wasn’t sure about this one. I do love shortbread though, and nuts.

Egg allergy sufferers rejoice, nut allergy sufferers despair.

Because they called for chopped walnuts, but not finely chopped, I left the minifood processor in the cupboard and used the chef knife.

Nothing but the best!

Cape Cod makes wavy chips now! I figured I’d go the kettle-cooked and wavy route to ensure the chips stayed as crunchy as possible. I think a classic Lay’s would turn to dust under the stress of being mixed with cookie dough.

I could have crushed them in my bare hands, but this way I get less oil and salt on my hands.

That dough is just beautiful. It’s just so creamy pale.

I often cheat and don’t fold mix-ins in by hand. This time I did, so as not to pulverize the chips.

I think the photo accompanying the recipe on the Red Mill site definitely contained some food styling, adding walnuts and chips to the outside of the cookie before baking so you can really see the mix-ins. Otherwise, rolling the dough into balls justsmooths everything over. Scooping and not rolling, like a normal drop cookie, would probably preserve that chunkier look.

Overall impressions

I’m not sold on these. They’re very light on flavor. Light on sugar too, with only half a cup. That’s good for people who don’t like sweets or are trying to watch their sugar intake. For me, there wasn’t enough sweet to contrast the salty. I want a sweeter shortbread, or bigger chocolate chips for a bigger pow of sweet.

The texture was interesting. It has that layered crispiness similar to a Butterfinger bar.

Ultimately too bland for me.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Add more sugar to shortbread.
  • Use bigger chocolate chips
  • Dip the cookies halfway in chocolate and then in crushed potato chips
  • Don’t round the scoops of dough to get a more chunky appearance

Next time

Strangeness from Illinois… A very vegan cookie that uses, no lie, liquid from canned white beans in place of egg. I had no idea that was a thing. And I thought flax eggs was strange. I won’t be sticking as closely to the vegan ingredients either (you know when they specify vegan chocolate chips that they’re dead serious). This recipe has two of five stars on the Red Mill site. Is it possible to eff up chocolate chip coconut cookies? We’ll find out!

All photos by Amber Sutton

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