Bob’s Red Mill’s United States of Cookies: Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies (MO)

Missouri’s cookie is a simple butter-free chocolate chip cookie with the earthy crunch of chopped walnuts.

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Guys, someone phoned it in.

This is literally just walnut chocolate chip cookies. According to the source, Missouri is known for walnuts. That’s cool. No other cookies you can make with walnuts, right?

Luckily I do love chocolate chip cookies with nuts (hickory for preference, but I haven’t been able to source those from anyone other than my grandmother and not for years). I’m a little put out by the shortening, though.

Imagine my surprise when I went to see how much butter to take down to soften and it told me shortening.

I have a gingerbread cookie recipe that calls for shortening, and it’s used mostly so they don’t spread as much and lose their cut shape (more info on the difference between shortening and butter in cookies here). What’s the point of using it in this recipe? Increased softness? It’s certainly not flavor.

Shortening can also be a PITA to measure, but I usually use my silicone measuring bowls so I can just pack it in and squeeze it out.

I did chop the walnuts this time and by hand too.

I decided to be a good girl and fold in the nuts and chocolate chips by hand.

I did like how they browned up. They were crispy when warm, a bit crunchy when cooled but not hard.

Overall Impressions

They’re good. Nothing mind-blowing. I think they’d be better made with butter. Just add walnuts to the Tollhouse recipe.

Next Time

Montana Camp Cookies, which looks like a cookie full of granola bar/trail mix goodnes. The description manages to extoll their toughness without sounding arrogant about it like the Colorado cookies did.

All photos by Amber Sutton

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