Bob’s Red Mill’s United States of Cookies: Mississippi Mud Cookies

Mississippi’s cookie is an ooey gooey chocolate and marshmallow frosted chocolate cookie with chocolate chips.

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The lore behind the “Mississippi Mud” moniker for the original cake (there is also a pie) is that the chocolate cake plus gooey chocolate frosting and chunky nuts resembled the banks of the Mississippi River. It seems almost interchangeable with Rocky Road (of ice cream fame) in terms of ingredients: chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows. Either way it’s right up my alley.

Can you even buy Fluff in MS? It’s so New England regional.

Just like when I used to make chocolate chocolate-chip cookies more often, they have you melt some chocolate chips instead of adding cocoa powder. I’m usually a little leery of doing it in the microwave, but it worked out okay.

I got so used to baking without taking photos that I forgot to take photos of the batter up until it was done.

Even though the batter wasn’t really soft, the recipe says to chill it, so I did. I know, usually I play fast and loose with the chilling, so this time I was a good girl… and of course it made for a crumbly batter that did not soften as it got to room temperature. Probably the melted chocolate setting up.

Not exactly the nicest scoops.
This is what they looked like after baking the recommended 9 minutes. I left them in somewhat longer.
Nice crackle, nice shine, moistness between.

I might have actually overbaked the latter ones after the first batch, fresh from chilling, took a little longer to spread and set. Oh well, the frosting will soften them up some.

My husband wanted me to stop here. I agree that these are delicious at this stage and don’t really need frosting, much less two different kinds, but I’m here to see this recipe through in all parts (though I did let him set a few aside without frosting).

The marshmallow frosting, quite similar to the filling I put in whoopie pies, used an entire smaller jar (7.5 oz) of Marshmallow Fluff.

Yup, this whole thing.
Oh how gooey and gorgeous.

But we’re not done yet, because this cookie somehow requires another frosting! Not a chocolate drizzle, not a ganache drizzle, but melted butter mixed with cocoa powder (AKA emergency baker’s chocolate) and powdered sugar.

I had Dutch Process cocoa left over from making cocoa mix for friends for Christmas, so my chocolate frosting turned out darker than the source recipe.

It took me about 3 cups of powdered sugar to get it to where I thought it was thick enough, but I probably could have used that extra half cup, because I kind of flooded the cookies:

I’m glad I lined a baking pan with waxed paper to frost these, kind of upset I didn’t put them on a rack to let the chocolate drip off instead of letting it pool around them.

I could not find salted pecans, unless I wanted to pick them out of a bigger can of mixed nuts, so I used unsalted. I probably could have chopped them finer (I just got lazy with a bag of “chopped” which more or less means “halved” or I guess quartered?). I left some without nuts so my husband doesn’t have to pick them off.

Overall Impressions

It’s a gilded lily but it’s pretty delicious. Gooey, decadent, and very chocolate. I want to put one on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Definitely have these with a glass of milk.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Don’t bother chilling the batter. It only makes it harder to work with.
  • Make ganache for the chocolate drizzle.
  • Put the cookies on a rack above a cookie sheet or tray lined with waxed paper for easy cleanup and so the drizzle doesn’t just pool around the cookies.

Next Time

Missouri’s Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies, which honestly sounds basic AF, but I know I’ll love them even if they’re not very imaginative.

All photos by Amber Sutton

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