Bob’s Red Mill’s United States of Cookies: Monster Cookies (NV)

Nevada’s cookie is a peanut butter oatmeal cookie loaded with colorful M&Ms and chocolate chips.

Recipe source

What makes a “monster” cookie? Size? Throwing everything in it? These are tablespoon size and you could conceivably put more stuff in them (like dried fruit, more candies, nuts). You could also make them bigger, but as you’ll see, they do not spread, so you’ll have to flatten them by hand or have a cookie the size and shape of a scoop of ice cream and probably raw in the middle.

Butter and sugars creamed together.
My son insists on getting ever more involved in the baking. It’s challenging to get him to stop trying to stick things in the bowl or turn the mixer on. He helped me scrape this time.
After adding peanut butter and eggs.

I opted for the seasonal M&Ms. I missed the Valentine’s ones and still have some Christmas ones.

The mix-ins did not want to mix in, but I was a good girl and used a wooden spoon so the M&Ms didn’t get destroyed.


These guys do not flatten at all. I tried a post-bake pressing like a previous employer used to do, but mostly it got me a chocolatey mess on my spatula.

I pressed these down by hand before baking.

Really I didn’t much care if they were flat or round. They looked kind of cute round.

One instruction I didn’t understand was “place the cookie sheet on a hot pot for 5 minutes.” I’ve never heard of that and wondered if they typoed and really meant hot pad? Pot holder? I checked the original site hoping there would be some explanation, but there was none. Was I supposed to put them over a pot of simmering water? For what purpose? This is where a true novice would really need more instruction from a recipe, considering I’m experienced and even I didn’t know what it was about.

Overall impressions

A good, soft, chocolate-filled cookie that looks pretty. I like them less than the Montana Camp Cookies because I thought the fruit really added a nice tartness, but I did add the chocolate chips to that one and could have easily added dried fruit to this one.

Tips and Suggestions

If you want the cookies to spread and be flat, flatten them before baking.

Next time

Finally my native state, New Hampshire, and the oh so exciting molasses cookies. To be fair, I can’t even start to suggest a more appropriate cookie, and I think it’ll be very like a gingerbread kind of cookie in flavor and I’m a fan of that. We’ll see how they are.

All photos by Amber Sutton

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