Bob’s Red Mill’s United States of Cookies: Sugar Cream Pie Cookies (IN)

Indiana’s cookie is basically a snickerdoodle with nutmeg added to the cinnamon sugar mixture.

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Indiana is known for its sugar cream pie, or Hoosier Pie, sometimes also called “Desperation Pie” because you could make it with standard pantry staples any time of year and it has no fruit that might be out of season. I’ve never had it (and I plan to try it some day; it sounds delicious) so I won’t be able to say whether these cookies are a good approximation, but they’re meant to evoke it.

A great source for converting volume into weight, because it’s so much simpler (and accurate) to weigh.

That’s a lot of nutmeg, so it’s weird that the cinnamon still overpowered it in the finished product.

I have a problem with recipes that don’t tell you what size scoop to use. “Roll into balls.” How big? I used my tablespoon scoop.

As you can see, the dough is sticky, and I was tempted to chill it before scooping (so as not to have to try and stack multiple trays of cookies into the fridge to chill), but the sugar mixture sticks better to the soft dough.

It was easier to scoop a tray full and then roll in the sugar mixture. I didn’t really bother rolling the dough into balls because the scoop shapes it into a ball already, and rolling the soft dough in the sugar mixture messed up the shape. If you’re fastidious, you can smooth it out by rolling them between your hands after chilling them.

This is why I don’t like when they leave out how big to make the cookies. “Bake 9 minutes or until light brown on the edges” they say about a cookie covered in brown already. The first tray ended up undercooked, so I put them back in for a few minutes, then baked the other two trays for 12 minutes instead.


Also, do I cool on the tray? How long? Move to a rack? When?

Overall Impressions

Does the description seem flippant? It’s accurate. The cookies are delicious but they’re basically snickerdoodles. I couldn’t really detect the nutmeg over the cinnamon. The cookie itself is soft with an outer crispness, nice and sweet. One of my husband’s coworkers requested a batch after I sent some in to work.

Tips and Suggestions

Reduce the cinnamon and increase the nutmeg.

Next Time

Glazed Apple Fritter Cookie Bites from Iowa. I ADORE apple fritters, the real ones with bits of apple in the dough, not the ones Dunkin Donuts has that are merely piped full of apple filling. Looks like these are baked in a mini muffin tin, so I need to get one of those. I used to have one, but when we moved one of my boxes disappeared and it had all my muffin tins, some cutting sheets, and my parchment sheets. No idea how or where we lost it. The mini muffin tin is the last thing to be replaced.

All photos by Amber Sutton

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