Bob’s Red Mill’s United States of Cookies: Sunflower Butterscotch Cookies

Kansas’ cookie is as sunshiny as a sunflower, with hearty oats, nutty toasted sunflower seeds, and sweet butterscotch chips.

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This is a special Bake on Through as I had some helpers: my niece (who measured and hand mixed) and my son, who taste tested. 😉

I prefer to toast nuts and seeds on the stove instead of the oven. I feel like I can keep more of an eye on them that way, and it’s easier for me to toss a pan than stir on a cookie sheet.

There are more seeds buried beneath the oats.

My niece did a good job mixing in the oats, seeds, and chips by hand, but I gave it a few last stirs to incorporate a pocket of oats.

Niece A asked, “Is that an ice cream scoop? Neat!” when she saw my cookie scoop.

The recipe said to add a few more seeds and chips to the outside for appearance sake, but I didn’t see the need.


Overall Impressions

I’ve had (and enjoyed) sunflower seed bread but this is the first time I have encountered them in cookies. They give them a nice nuttiness that is different from the usual nuts you find in cookies. The butterscotch chips provide most of the sweetness, which is good because butterscotch chips are so incredibly sweet and the cookies would be cloying if the dough itself was too sweet. A nice oatmeal cookie twist.

This recipe made four dozen, which means I was able to send a dozen home with my mom and niece, keep a dozen for myself, and send the rest in to work with my husband. He doesn’t like butterscotch, so he didn’t petition to keep more.

Next Time

Kentucky Derby Pie Cookies, which have chocolate chunks and bourbon (!). Can’t wait!

All photos by Amber Sutton

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