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Bob’s Red Mill’s United States of Cookies – Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cookies (Alabama)

I think every cook or baker has a collection of recipes they know they’ll never get around to making. Whether it’s Pinterest boards, a cookbook addiction, or a subscription to a cooking magazine, delicious-looking recipes pile up. When Bob’s Red Mill brought out a list of cookie recipes for every state in the US I […]

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Crepes the Vietnamese Way at Sun Asian Bistro

Few nations have had a greater influence on the culinary world than France, a country that serves as the origin of innumerable world-renowned chefs, highly-treasured dishes and widely used culinary techniques. Amid all the complex dishes and exotic ingredients that comprise French cuisine lies what may be among the most quintessentially French dish: the crepe. […]

New Hampshire, Restaurant Reviews, Unconventional Eats

Pressed For Time Gives Gas Station Eats New Meaning

Gas stations and Breakfast are two concepts that seldom mix well. The standard food options rarely extend beyond average-quality snacks in a convenience store setting. There might be a Dunkin’ Donuts, but that is the best you can possibly hope for. When the standard is that low, finding anything else often seem like a godsend. […]

New Hampshire, Restaurant Reviews, Unconventional Eats

Poutine: Is it Worth Eating?

Despite its French-Canadian origins, poutine feels like a distinctly American dish. A plate of deep fried potatoes covered with cheese curds and gravy makes for an item that has gained nationwide acceptance as an over-the-top comfort food. Nowadays, eateries of all calibers are eager to feature it on their menus. Diners, pizzerias, pubs and even […]