Pressed For Time Gives Gas Station Eats New Meaning

Gas stations and Breakfast are two concepts that seldom mix well. The standard food options rarely extend beyond average-quality snacks in a convenience store setting. There might be a Dunkin’ Donuts, but that is the best you can possibly hope for. When the standard is that low, finding anything else often seem like a godsend.

The folks of Derry, NH recently received a gift in the form of a little food cart in the BP gas station on East Broadway. Pressed For Time Mobile Café is a cure-all for those with early commutes, a coffee dependency and/or anyone who lacks the inclination to make themselves breakfast in the morning.

This little cart is unlike anything else in the area. Whereas most mobile restaurants don’t have an indoor space for customers, forcing them to order outside through a small window, PFT is a true café with a small indoor space offering a retreat from the cold and actual face-to-face interaction with the owner.

Judging from the outside, it would be tempting to write this café off as a novelty offering pre-packaged food and convenience items, however this is not the reality.

A huge benefit of the indoor ordering space is that everyone gets to see their food being made. The kitchen space is tiny, but absolutely packed with supplies. Every breakfast sandwich, crepe and hot beverage is made to order in a space that is likely no larger than the average household kitchen.

The menu is quite straightforward, but there are noteworthy items.

In addition to the classic bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, there are a handful of specialty items. The “Pig Out” offers pulled pork, ham, bacon, scallions, cheddar and a freshly-cracked egg on a toasted bagel.

I opted for the “Gobble Gobble”, which packs grilled turkey, arugula, spinach, freshly grated smoked gouda cheese, basil, thyme, cranberry sauce and an egg. Watching the owner crack the egg onto the grill, pick fresh thyme from a small plant growing in a pot on the window and grate gouda cheese to order for the sandwich practically qualifies as dinner theater this early in the morning. Plus, the dedication is clearly on display.

The sandwich was executed very well; the bagel was toasty, the cheese was mildly sharp and melted and the turkey-cranberry sauce combination evoked that traditional November meal, except in breakfast form. For six bucks, it’s a total winner.

Coffee, espresso, lattes and tea are available for caffeine-heads. For something unique, get the “Edible Espresso”, which features an espresso served in an edible cookie mug. Food and drink specials, such as a bacon French toast sandwich and an almond mint mocha latte, make frequent appearances.

Between the one-of-a-kind concept, friendly service and well thought-out menu, PFT is here to stay. Visit them at the BP gas station; 133 East Broadway Derry, NH. For now, they are open 4:30 A.M. (seriously!) to 11 A.M. Monday to Friday and 7:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M. on Saturdays.

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