Savannah Kitchen to Bring The Flavor of the South to Newmarket

What comes to mind at the thought of “American” food? Your answer will depend on where you live, as there may be no better example of a “regional cuisine” than the food habits of the United States.

All parts of the U.S. have a unique style to offer, but it’s indisputable that the most bold, soulful and comforting cuisine can be found in Louisiana and the rest of the Southeastern states.

The food from this area of the country is the inspiration behind Savannah Kitchen, a brand new restaurant and bar located in the former home of Joinery, in the heart of the Newmarket Mills.

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Savannah is the culmination of Owner Chris Caddy’s extensive career in the hospitality industry which included working alongside chefs who specialized in Southern cooking.

“It’s comfort food: A little southern, a little New Orleans, a little cajun, a little creole,” said Caddy. “I just love food with a lot of flavor; in your face flavor…I worked in the back of the house with some really talented southern and New Orleans Chefs, and I fell in love with the food.”

After spending years in restaurants as well as running his own consulting business, Caddy decided to put his experience to use by establishing a place of his own.

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Upon deciding on the location and theme, Caddy spent five months initiating a complete overhaul of the space, often learning in real time.

“Every single thing in this place is different. I spent the last five months mostly by myself learning how to do carpentry, painting, plumbing, you name it. I watched a lot of youtube “how to” videos. After I injured myself my amazing family really bailed me out. They came in and knocked out the last key details to finish the restaurant overhaul. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Caddy took the time to speak to locals across town from the very beginning. He quickly discovered the strong sense of community present in Newmarket, which made the overwhelming opening process much more tolerable.

“Newmarket is a great little town. The people seem rabidly loyal to local businesses which I am a firm believer in. I’ve had nothing but incredible support from all the people in town.”

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The menu features many staples from all corners of the American south, and includes many options that cater to dietary restrictions.

The menu features many staples from all corners of the American south, and includes many options that cater to dietary restrictions.

Numerous other classics from the crescent city are also represented. Caddy’s gumbo ya-ya is prepared with dark roux (the french combination of caramelized fat and flour), andouille sausage, chicken thighs, okra and basmati rice. For something even heartier, Caddy recommends the Creole braised pork shoulder with “Nawlins” red gravy.

“You cook it with a bottle of red wine, a pot of coffee, roasted chicken stock, holy trinity [onions, celery and peppers] and garlic.”

Caddy’s creole-inspired fish and chips includes cornmeal-crusted catfish, a French meuniere sauce spiked with toasted garlic, jalapeño and lemon, and truffle parm fries, resulting in a dish that’s far more balanced and flavorful than your standard plate of fried cod.

Other updated southern staples include shrimp and grits made with jumbo shellfish and creole demi-glace, truffle mac and cheese with smoked tasso ham and peas, and roasted jalapeños stuffed with honey whipped goat cheese, applewood-smoked bacon and served over cumin-scented chile verde.

A daily happy hour from 4-6 will include “buck-a-shuck” oysters, appetizer specials and drink specials. Additionally, a constantly-changing appetizer special featuring a raw/cured protein such as steak tartar, carpaccio or scallop crudo will be featured each day.

Much of the menu at Savannah is gluten free or gluten free adaptable. Flour never touches the deep-fryer, so every crispy item to emerge from it is safe for anyone with a gluten intolerance. Several items can be made sans animal protein as well.

Caddy utilizes his experience as a bartender to concoct a tantilizing cocktail list featuring several martinis, tiki drinks and New Orleans classics, all of which are to be enjoyed in a casual, fun atmosphere.

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“It’s a funky, cool-looking place…I’ll be playing surfer music, reggae, mambo and calypso and my servers are instrcuted to dance if the mood strikes them. We’re going to have fun. The only things we take seriously are food, drinks and service.”

Savannah is set to open very soon. Check their Facebook profile for updates. They’ll be open for dinner seven days a week; 4-9 from Sunday to Thursday and 4-10 on Fridays and Saturdays. Find them at 55 Main Street #216 in Newmarket, NH.


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