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A&E Coffee and Tea Whips Up a One-Of-A-Kind Matcha Latte

Coffee ought to be one of the most consistent purchases for caffeine connoisseurs in the U.S., but for the weirdos who wince after just one sip of java (me, I’m one of those weirdos), there’s countless other ways to acquire caffeine, one of the most popular being matcha. Originating in China, but widely produced and […]

Unconventional Eats

Vosges Haut-Chocolat Manchego and Cherry Chocolate Bar: Is It Worth Eating?

Chocolate, like so many foods, encompasses a wide range of specimens that vary considerably in quality and price. While there’s nothing wrong with tearing open the iconic dark brown packaging of that Hershey’s milk chocolate bar from time to time, sometimes something a little more special is called for. Wander into almost any conventional supermarket, […]